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    Another horse game that I'm talking about. Surprising, right?
    My Horse by NaturalMotion is a realistic horse games for iOS and Android. You can take care of a virtual horse, and buy more horses as the game goes on. There are 8 different breeds you can own, including unicorns. You get to groom, muck out stalls, feed, give treats, and clean out paddocks as fun little mini games to get you money or to improve your horse!

    You can use energy to train your horse so you can enter competitions. The more you train and compete, the better you do and the more competitions you unlock. Competitions can get hard the further you advance, but they are fun and give you money. You can even win a horse! You can complete care tasks which give your horse health or happiness, or money tasks which give you, well, money. Money can be used to buy special feeds, treats, tack, horses, or outfits for your rider.

    You can also play a paddock game with your horse, or take pictures of the horse while it is being ridden or just running around. You can get really cool tack to make your horse look amazing and gain competition points!

    Daily Tasks also give you a reward, and there are daily prizes for the first time you log in on a day. Another great bonus is how you can get friends on it and you can give and receive prizes.

    Over all, My Horse is a really fun game that you can play for hours and will want to play daily! It allows you to have a wide range of what you can do, while remaining simple and easy to figure out. If you have any questions, just ask!
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    I checked it out, it was a pretty good game, but I don't think I'm into games such as that! It had nice graphics, but it didn't appeal to me! But if others like it, that's mighty fine! I did like the concept, just some games aren't for me! ^>^

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