Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted

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    Chances are you haven't even heard of Istaria.

    That's Okay. Most people haven't. But now that you have, you should play it. You can download the game for free at

    I'll give you an overview of what the game is about.


    Istaria is a not-so-massive multiplayer game (so it needs internet!). There is a very detailed, very complicated crafting and combat system. 


    There are several playable races in Istaria:

    Dryad (like a 2ft tall fairy)






    Fiend (blue skin, horns)



    I think I said dragon already?

    All the races but the dragon race can have the same classes, abilities, etc. The only difference is the beginning stats which don't matter much past level 10, and appearance. You can get up to level 100 in each class, and as there are 14 (I think?) biped classes, you can technically be level 1,400. 


    Dragons are cool because no matter what, dragons are dragons. There are three stages of dragon, hatchling, adult and ancient. Hatchling dragons cannot fly, but they can glide and they must be level 30 adventure (combat) and complete a long quest to become the next stage.

    Adult dragons can fly. It's really cool. X to go up, spacebar to go down. The ascension to adulthood is awesome, because there is this giant explosion and poof! you're bigger with really big wings. At level 100 adventure, you can become an ancient dragon, which unlocks more combat abilities and you are bigger and can fly higher and faster. 

    All dragons have hoard, which is complicated, so just read the tutorials!


    Crafting is hard to explain. If you've ever played Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls Online or the Lord of the Rings Online it's a little like that. You gather things, make it into another thing, and make that thing into another thing, and so on. Blah, blah, blah. Just read the tutorials for crafting and you'll be fine!


    If you buy a plot holder membership, you can build your own... anything! Dragons can make underground lairs, mazes, and giant halls. Bipeds can make houses, crafting stations, even trees! The membership is required, though, and plots, especially Dragon Lairs, are reeeally expensive. They can cost up to 5 gold.

    Money System:

    Istaria has four kinds of money: Copper, Silver, Gold and Mithril. One mithril is worth 1,000 gold, one gold is worth 1,000 silver, and one silver is worth 1,000 copper. You can get around 500 copper per item at npcs at higher levels, so it's hard to make anything above silver. You can also sell your things to a consigner for a small fee (usually 10%) and other players can buy the things you put on the consigner.

    Level 100 dragons I know have had 20 gold, and that's the most I've ever seen one one player. So, now you understand why 5 gold is considered expensive, yes?

    The Undead:

    The game starts out with you being dead. However, upon dying, you discover that you are one of the Gifted (basically immortal but you can still die from old age). As you progress, you will have to fight the ranks of the Undead Horde, a seemingly limitless army summoned from another dimension by a necromancer. There are the expansive Deadlands, areas completely taken over by the Horde and that is where you can find many of the more powerful monsters. For example, there is Reklar, a level 150 undead Dragon general. Watch out for his Gold Rush attacks. If you are a dragon and you get to adult, you can have fun poking all the bosses from long distance and flying away without dying!

    Death: Of course, you can die. Since you are Gifted, you will come back to life, however, past level 20, you will gain death points when you die (creative name, right?). Death points will lower your stats until they are gone. Eating food will reduce the time left on death points.

    Membership: So, now it comes to the matter of money. How much does Istaria cost? Well, if you don't mind being a puny human and being preyed upon by the dragons of the Lunus faction, the game is completely free. Seriously. I'm not joking. If you want to be a dragon or any other race besides human, though, you do have to pay. (I realize that this might sound like an advertisement, but I just want more people to role-play with! You can understand that, right, FallenLighters?) 

    Servers: There are three servers, Chaos, Order and Blight. Order is the best. No offense to Chaos. Nobody plays on Blight, it's the testing server and you need membership to go on it. Chaos is normal. Order is role-playing, and everyone on there is really nice. (Well, maybe a couple people, not so much, but mostly!)

    I'm giving myself a pat on the back for finishing this ridiculously long post. Except, I forgot to mention dragon factions and guilds... Oh, well, you'll just have to figure that out for yourself.

    Does anyone else play Istaria on the Order server? I'm Glitterande of the guild Benevolence. (Psst! I'm a dragon that won't eat you, little humans!) 

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