Divided - Feverfew (Chapter Two)

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    Brokenflame arrived with Ravenstar, Swiftbranch, and Deerpaw to the Gathering Tree, where Quietstar and Fernstar both stood with their medicine cats and their chosen warriors.
    “Are you okay?” Ravenstar asked Brokenflame.
    “Yeah, I’m fine,” Brokenflame shrugged.
    She padded over to where the Eclipseclan warrior and the Meadowclan warrior were having a chat. One was a tan cat with a good amount of extra fur, and the Meadowclan tom was a mainly white cat with orange markings and a very short tail (for those of you who prefer breeds, a Selkirk Rex and a Japanese Bobtail).
    “Are you going on the journey as well?” Brokenflame asked, approaching them.
    The toms stopped mid-conversation and stared at her in disbelief.
    “...Yeah,” the Meadowclan cat answered. “You sure you can handle it, Driftclanner?”
    “Knock it off,” the Eclipseclan tom rolled his eyes, jokingly hitting the other in the shoulder. He ten turned to Brokenflame. “Don’t mind him. I’m Lionsong of Eclipseclan, and he’s Monarchwing from Meadowclan.”
    “Pleased to meet you,” she nodded. “I’m Brokenflame from Driftclan. Is this all that’s coming?”
    “Eh, Torrentclan’s supposed to be here,” Monarchwing shrugged. “They just haven’t shown up yet.”
    “Don’t speak so soon,” Tatteredstar’s voice drawled as he walked to the tree with Riverbriar, Sootpaw, and his choice. He sent the tom over to the group of warriors as he, Riverbriar, and Sootpaw joined the others.
    “Aye,” Lionsong nodded. “What’s your name?”
    “Mantisbite,” he growled. Brokenflame could see that the Bombay tom had a nicked ear and several scars along his body.
    The warriors hesitantly introduced themselves to him.
    “Warriors,” Ravenstar announced, beckoning them to join their group. “You have been chosen to carry out a very important task. Before we send you off, are all of you okay with doing this?”
    Lionsong and Brokenflame nodded respectfully, while Monarchwing responded with an eyeroll and “of course” while Mantisbite just said “yes.”
    “Be careful around the thunderpaths,” Rosedusk warned. “You never know when a monster might come barreling by.”
    “And should you happen to come across any kittypets, be very weary,” Swiftbranch told them.
    “And if you see a twoleg, don’t bother fighting,” Pondbreeze shrugged. “From what I’ve seen, they could kill you in a second if they wanted.”
    “Thank you, Pondbreeze,” Quietstar nodded. “Basically, just go, get the feverfew, and come back.”
    “The clans are very grateful to you, warriors,” Fernstar beamed.
    Tatteredstar silently rolled his eyes at the statement, though Brokenflame decided not to cause an uproar about it.
    “Well, we mustn’t waste time, then,” Ravenstar said. “The sooner you get back, the better.”
    Lionsong, Mantisbite, and Monarchwing had already started heading for the edge of the gathering territory.
    “You coming, Brokenflame?” Lionsong called back.
    She nodded and quickly caught up to them as they walked away to begin their short expedition.

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    This is amazing! You're really good at writing!

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