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    So, first a little general background information with no spoilers:

    ABZU is an exploration game that's currently available on Steam for like $19.99. I think there's a console version, but I have no idea. I've only done research for the PC version.

    Basically, you're this aquatic dude exploring the oceans, befriending fish, riding aquatic mammals, the such. You have to revive these areas called Sacred Wells, so the ocean doesn't suffer from pollution, and figure out your role in these great oceans.

    It's incredibly beautiful, and each color is vivid, and the light in whatever area you're in fits with each mood.
    abzu stuff.jpg
    I mean, look at this, look at how pretty. It's just so beautiful.

    Anyways, I'm really hoping that with gift cards and such I can get this for my birthday, as well as a new computer so I can play this game without problems. :p

    Anyways, thoughts? I would like to hear your opinion on this game!

    Oh also, P.S: if you've played this game, or have seen spoilers of it, please don't post it here. I would love to play this spoiler free when the time comes, and I hope that others out there would love to play this game as well without the knowledge of spoilers.

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